Required carry on

My shoulder is red and raw from lugging around a green duffle bag. It’s a just in case carry on. The second leg of my long haul stops over in Johannesburg. Apparently JBerg airport is famous for loosing bags.

I’m exceeding nervous about this transfer in JBerg. Not only would I have ready endured a 16 hour flight in an airbus (really? No 747?), I will only have 1 hour in JBerg to transfer. It’ll be like that scene in Home Alone 2, with the family dashing madly through the airport.



2 thoughts on “Required carry on

  1. Hi Ms. Melyan! The Sweeneys just returned from the San Diego Wild Animal Safari where we watched the cheetah run and thought about you!! Camden bought a cheetah book and “stuffy”, I’m sure inspired by “yours truly”. Have an awesome trip, we look forward to hearing all about it (well, maybe not all about the donkey meat part!). We miss you already!

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