Covered in Blood

I feel like everyday has a theme. Today’s theme was donkey blood. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. I had to help the cheetah keeper get the cheetah food ready. What do cheetahs eat? MEAT! Who has to prepare them? US!

Cheetahs eat lean cuts of meat but also need some organs to supplement for rich nutrients. Well, guess who had to cut up the organs to prepare the meals? Me (and another volunteer). Oh man. It was a gigantic bucket filled with liver and heart. I started doing it, and had to turn my mind off because I started getting a little grossed out over the steely smell and slimy consistency. I survived though.

We were able to visit all then cheetah pens of CCF that were away from the center. The cats are gorgeous, and some almost ready to be released back into the wild. They kept hissing at us. One was meowing like a cat and then hissing.

In most of the pens, the cheetahs eat out of bowls. It seems strange, but it actually isn’t too bad for them. The bowl keeps their meat clean (which is how they eat in the wild, straight out of a carcass).

For one of the pens I got to heave giant slabs of rib meat over the high fences to hissing cheetahs. It was great. The cheetahs are absolutely gorgeous and they all have different personalities. Some cheetahs will try to swipe you. Others will meow. Some like to run, others are lazy and walk.

The craziest thing I picked up was half a donkey head. I wish I had the capability of posting that photo. Yup. Cheetahs are carnivores so they eat meat. They definitely enjoyed eating the half of donkey head that we delivered to them.

Funny side note: cheetah pens are surrounded by electric wires to keep animals (like warthogs or baboons ) out. Guess who touched a electric wire by accident today while closing a gate? Me. It stung. But I’m alive! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Covered in Blood

  1. love it.. didn’t know you are in africa. sounds like an amazing experience. I want to go too!!!! catch up when you get back, xoxo.

  2. Hey, Jen! Sounds like you’re having an amazing experience. Thanks for all the posts and updates. It’s so exciting to hear about all the wonderful stories. Be safe (stop touching electric fences) and stay warm at night. Miss you!

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