Washing a Water Hole

CCF has some man-made waterholes that are used to keep up one of the game farms. Game = animals such as warthog, giraffe, oryx, kudu, and eland. Anyway, they have man-made waterholes because the land is so dry and if the water holes weren’t there, the animals living in that area wouldn’t survive.

Guess what I got to do today? I got to wash a water hole. It. Was. Nasty. I felt like I was going to contract a disease by putting my mouth in animal slobber/algae water.

First of all, the water was green with algae. There was mud and scat (again!! what?) everywhere. Our first job was to get down on our hands and knees and scrub out all the algae from the water hole. Then we had to hoist the water out of the hole and scrub it again. We then had to rinse the edges of the hole to wash away all the scat. The worst part was the drain for the waterhole got stuck with sand. We literally had to put our fingers into the algae/sand tube and physically dig out the sand. I don’t even know. My hands were a mess. But hey! The animals were happy because the watering hole went from mud green to crystal clear!! Shall we say job well done?

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