Feeding a Wild Cheetah

Feeding a Wild Cheetah

Feeding a hungry “wild” cheetah a slab of donkey meat – all in a day’s job of husbandry. This wilder cats wait till we toss the meat over the fence before running away, hissing and pawing each other. We prepped the donkey meat before driving out of the CCF center. It takes us about an hour to reach this large enclosures where these beautiful cats roam. Yes, I am hand was covered in donkey blood and stayed that way for the rest of the work day.


Meeting Tiger Lily, an Ambassador Cheetah

Meeting Tiger Lily, an Ambassador Cheetah

I met Tiger Lily, one of the ambassador cheetahs at CCF. She is with Dr. Laurie Marker, the founder of CCF. Watching these animals run was one of the most brilliant experiences of my life!

Center Cheetah Pen

Here I am standing next to the central cheetah pen where they keep four males 🙂 These cats are lazy. The whole time I was there, all they did was hang out under the tree. They only got excited around feeding time.


We now begin the long transit to Africa

It’s now time! I cannot believe I’m about to jump on the plane to new york and the transition to Africa.

Can’t believe I’m still standing. Had to close out at school today as well as pack. Did I sleep the night before? No…. Not really….

Nothin says see you later Los angeles like a Kobe Bryan stuffie!!